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Being a website design company based in Northamptonshire we are ideally placed to offer a web design services to Northampton businesses and organisations. We like to work closely with our clients to make sure that we provide exactly what they want. Being able to meet and discuss progress and ideas is often the best and fastest way to accurately share information.

With expertise in all areas of online marketing we offer the full range of web design services. Northampton businesses and organisations are part of our core marketplace and we excel in providing high-quality online presences that really do get the web working for your company.

Getting Potential Clients to Your Website

The success or failure of any website is totally dependent on whether you can get potential clients to look at your pages. Simply getting lots of people to your website isn't always the answer. You need the right people.

This page is an example of how we are targeting our potential clients using search engine optimisation.

Web design Northampton is a phrase people are actually typing into the search engines when the looking for a website design company in the Northampton area. For our website to be found for this phrase we needed to have a page dedicated to web design Northampton.

Why Create a Page Dedicated to a Single Phrase?

By creating this page we've been able to discuss this topic without cluttering up the page with lots of information about other areas and services we offer. By keeping the page focused on the phrase we want to target we are showing search engines that this text is highly relevant for anyone searching for web design Northampton.

Being Creative and Making Sense

Sometimes it can be hard to create an entire page based around a single phrase. When we looked at optimising for website design services in Northampton we couldn't think much past one or two paragraphs on the subject. For the page to rank well for the terms we want we needed a reasonable block of text, around 400 words or more.

We decided to structure our article into two main areas. The top part of this page is the two paragraphs we could actually write about web design Northampton. The rest of the page we turned into a tutorial on how we optimised for this topic. In this way we are able to get enough text but have it make sense.

Quite often you'll find yourself in a similar position but there?s always a way around the problem of generating enough text.

If you're not sure how or why you should be doing all this then please get in contact with us so we can talk you through the whole process of using your website to build your business.

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