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Plan, Build, Promote. Three simple steps to a successful website.


Welcome to G.E.T. I'm Bob Grant and my aim is to help business people like you take full advantage of the Internet. My philosophy is to strip away the layers of techno babble that surrounds the web so you can concentrate on making the right business decisions to grow your company.


The 3 steps above really are all you need.


Yes, they hide a lot of technical details, but that's my problem.


Plan - What do you hope to achieve? What do you need to do? Who do you want to attract? What do they want to see? What will turn them into customers?


Build - What features does the site need? What devices will people be using (PCs, tablets, phones, etc)? What image should the site portray?


Promote - How will you get people to the site? Search engines? Offline marketing? How will you get people to come back to the site? How will you monitor progress and measure success?


There's nothing technical or scary in there, just business objectives and decisions. That's where your expertise is invaluable. You're the expert in your field. I am the expert in mine and I will guide you, advise you about what's possible and make it happen.


Please have a look through my blog and learning zones. You'll find lots of helpful advice and down to earth explanations to demystify the whole process.


If you like the way I work then contact with me so we can talk things over.


Full service small business website design

I offer a full service to my small business clients.

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