Website design, SEO and online marketing specialist in Northamptonshire

Choosing someone to build your website is a tricky business. No doubt you’ve already seen a number of sites from companies claiming to be ‘the best’ with a long list of technologies and techniques they’ve mastered.

Did you understand what it all meant?

Don’t worry! I’m not going to bombard you with more jargon.

I believe that you need to understand what you’re buying in to. Not in fine, technical detail, but at a business level where you understand the choices. I also believe as a responsible web designer that it’s my job to teach you. I have to show you the what, why and how of building a successful online campaign.

Once I’ve done that I won’t need to tell you if I’m good. You’ll have worked it out for yourself.

So… Where to start? The first idea you need to get straight in your head is why you need a website.

Now you’re only 3 steps away from a successful website. Click the link below to find out how to Plan, Build and Promote your site.

Once you know what you want I’m here to build it!

Just click here to contact me.

Need more information? Check out my blog posts on everything to do with online marketing and more.

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Programmer, SEO'er, e-commerce provider and all round IT adviser. I remove the technology barriers so we can make your website a success. My goal is to teach you enough about online marketing so you can make informed decisions and not get bamboozled by the endless stream of jargon and information.

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